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Are you ready to get into the best shape of your life?

We are a Crossfit gym in Lemont, IL. The CFL team has always had a passion for sports, health and fitness. Our gym and workout programs are completely designed around helping our members achieve their goals. Our coaches lead members through an hour long workout of the day (WOD) coaching athletes on technique and encouraging you to work hard.

We provide the best in fitness training, coaching and programming for all fitness levels. Our workouts are scalable so everyone can be challenged and get fit. Our programs efficiently combine the the most effective methods of Olympic Weightlifting, gymnastics, kettlebells, high intensity cardio and agility training for sports.

At Crossfit Lemont you will be challenged and motivated every day with constantly varied, high intensity, functional workouts resulting in a greatly enhanced level of fitness. People that are fit seem to have a clearer more optimistic view of life. For us the bottom line is this. Fitness allows you to live your best, and Crossfit Lemont will help you achieve you highest level of fitness.

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